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Fountain of Youth

February 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For whatever reason, I often find I capture images of children that, based on the comments I get, speak to many people (a good skill to have as a dad, BTW). I'll share a secret -- imaging children well doesn't take patience. Well, it shouldn't, at least. When I put kids in situations where I need patience, I rarely get shots I like. This has taught me to avoid photoing children in the studio, and to avoid staging or posing them as much as possible. For me, the better approach is to put children where I have good light,  let them be themselves and be ready to capture the special moments.


That's what I did with this shot of my daughter. Shooting someone facing away doesn't usually work, but in this case, her body language shows us her wonder at water cascading down a rock face into the pool. She is fascinated by water, so this waterfall fountain gave me more than a few moments to get a frame that reveals her fascination.


What child images speak to us? I think they're the ones that let us see the world through a child's eyes. They take us back, and remind us that there was to a time when waterfalls were new and wonderful, pinwheels were special and magical, and Saturdays seemed to last forever. They make us young again by reviving the children within us.


Legend has it that explorer Ponce de Leon spent more than a decade looking for the Fountain of Youth. He could have found what he was looking for in ten minutes with a youth by a fountain.



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