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The Accidental Portrait

May 13, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

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Most of the images in my portrait gallery came about because we set out to shoot a portrait. With some that's obvious, but with others, it's not. The "it's not" type may be still be planned much as you see it, but others are happy "accidents." This one falls in the latter category -- a portrait that came about because we were shooting something else, but I saw a portait opportunity and shot. As in this example, it's not even one of the intended models or subjects (the secondary subject is though), which happens often. Most attempts fail, but some pan out, so I find it's always worth shooting first and deciding to keep or delete later.

This particular shot isn't unflattering, though it's not flattering either. But, it's genuine and it tells you something about the main subject, what she does and where she is. In post, I normally avoid the halo that can come up with some sharpening techniques. Although it's a bit artificial and obvious, in this case I like it because it pulls the main and secondary subject out of the background.



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