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I don't have a musical bone in my body, but I admire those who do, and I enjoy their work. Recently, I shot an up-and-coming teen band, Tremor -- check out my Portraits gallery for more. It was a lot of fun and they're great, enthusiastic young people. (Update: The group is no longer together, but I was great shooting them.)


Update March 2015

Although Tremor is no longer together, lead guitarist Casey Moreta (extreme left) has gone on to two acclaimed rock bands. Shortly after leaving Tremor, he began playing with alternative rock group Cherri Bomb, a popular band that already had releases available, when one band member left and he was invited to join them. After working together for a bit over a year, the foursome decided that they needed a new direction, so they disbanded Cherri Bomb. A few months later, they re emerged as a new pop/rock band, Hey Violet. Since announcing the new band, direction and name to their fans vis á vis Cherri Bomb, Hey Violet has released covers that have been popularly received, with their release of original music awaited with anticipation.


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