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Hi, thanks for dropping by. My name is Karl Shreeves and I’m a photographic artist located in Southern California. It's my hope you'll enjoy the Featured Galleries (link at bottom of page) and visit my online column (blog) . Your comments mean a lot to me – positive or negative – because they help me improve, so feel to leave me some words to grow on.

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Click on Featured Galleries at the bottom to see more of my work. 

Some notes:

Each gallery (hopefully) shows consistency in my style and technique, coupled with diversity and contrast, to show that I can reliably cover a fairly wide range of imaging needs. Most of the images are relatively recent, though some less so because I've been shooting for quite some time.

Dramatic Portraiture: I approach portraits and headshots based on what fits the subject – studio, location, formal, candid – whatever it works, plus whatever I have to do in Photoshop.
Scuba & Scuba Lifestyle: The institution for which I work is about divers, diving and the diving lifestyle (I’m an accomplished diver, too). But, I’m not a fish photographer. It’s about people.
Photographic Art: This gallery features highly manipulated imagery built on images I captured  (except where noted).
Projects: From time to time, I take on special photographic projects that I"ll feature.
Underwater Fashion and Portraits: Many people do this, but my style is distinctive. You won’t see anything quite like it elsewhere.
Beauty and Fashion: You’ll find contemporary images, but note a passion for the retro look, with post processing used to emulate historic shooting styles used by Hollywood.
Behind the Scenes & Tear Sheets: Many thanks to friends and shooting assistants for these snaps of me at work. This galleries also includes some mag covers and other published images of mine. Where relevant, I reference the images in other galleries these behind-the-scenes relate to.
This and That: This is for images that don’t fit the other categories, and some of my not-people shots that I’m pleased with.

Hiring Me
If you like what you see here, you want me for my individual artistic take on how to approach shooting and processing a given subject. It’s not canned – each image was custom-conceived and produced to create something one-of-a-kind. Often, the images I deliver from a single shoot look substantially different because they lend themselves to differing artistic inspiration (but unless you need a consistent look, of course).

Rates – My rates follow industry norms, but I'm not someone selling a picture. Rather, I'm a contractor you hire to execute a vision.
1. My rate is based on the estimated time to complete what you ask for, which includes the preparation and post work. Even a 10 minute shoot may take several hours total time.
2. Routine studios make their money selling prints and other versions of the images. That’s not my business model. The delivered images are yours, or mine with an unlimited license (there are advantages to each approach). Either way, you can use the images any way you see fit. (Click "rates" for more about this.)
3. I don’t bulk process, even more “routine” images. Every delivered image is processed, retouched and refined to a high detail level, as appropriate for what you need.

Unless otherwise specified, I deliver the final processed images as Adobe RGB TIFF masters and sRGB JPEGs, though I can provide them in any format and color space Photoshop supports. To maintain professional quality, I do not release unretouched/unfinished images (there are exceptions for institutions that do their own processing; this would be agreed ahead of time).

  • Pro bono (TF) assignments. I will consider pro bono and/or expenses-only for not-for-profit groups, individuals without means and in particular need, and similar causes. I will also consider unusual/new shooting situations and travel opportunities that particularly interest me, especially for exciting, worthwhile but cash-starved ventures. I work TF with models, makeup artists and others in the trade on projects in which we all donate our time and skill to create images for our portfolios, experience, etc. Note that when I shoot pro bono, I usually retain image ownership with license for participants to use for professional promotion purposes.
  • Weddings. I’m not a wedding photographer. The wedding images in the galleries are actually models as part of an ad campaign. If you want something specific and unusual – not your typical wedding images – then I may be whom you’re looking for, though.

Click on the rates link for more.

The images are what count, but I’ve been around the block a time or two. I started shooting in the 1970s, originally in Atlanta, Georgia, then relocated to California in the late 1980s. Shooting commercial, training, lifestyle/marketing and editorial imagery, I’ve had hundreds of photos published associated with underwater exploration, scuba diving and layperson CPR/first aid training. Over time, this function expanded to include more and more lifestyle, portrait, beauty and product imagery, as well as digital post processing and compositing, so that today all of these are integral to conceiving and executing what I produce. Although I still sometimes call myself a “photographer," “photographic artist” is a better description of much of my work.

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