Photographic imaging is not a commodity. Simply comparing prices isn't really the way to go, unless you truly don't care about how good your images are. Cost is a consideration, and so is image quality, but there's  more to it:

  • How much will you spend on reprints or alternative uses? I charge you once, and deliver printable full resolution masters with the option to use them any way you want as much as you want (see details below).
  • One size fits all usually fits everyone . . . . poorly. All my work is custom.
  • Feel rushed? I can work quickly if that's the situation. But, I won't rush you -- I'm in no more of a hurry than you need me to be.

My rates are estimated on a per-shoot basis, so I custom quote for each project. The estimate will be based on my estimates of the requirements for preshoot preparation, the shoot, post processing and any special associated costs (e.g. effects, travel, etc.).

I'm aware, however, that every company or individual has limits on what's affordable. You may be surprised at what I can deliver within your budget while earning what I need to. So, please don't assume I'm out of your price range: tell me what you're trying to do and what's affordable, and I'll do my best to make them meet.


My Policies

Assuming the shoot is as we agree and plan, the rate I quote is the rate you pay. If I underestimate and quote too low, that's on me. I won't charge you more. If you add shots or change the conditions of the shoot, or things aren't the way you represented so that we take longer or I have additional post processing not considered in the original quote, the fee goes up accordingly. On the other hand, if I discover that things were easier and go faster than expected when I quoted, I'll adjust my rate downward.


As stated, I'm not selling a picture, but a service. That service includes providing the minimum number of images you need if there is a minimum, but you may get more within the quoted rate, which will be on an estimated range and the time to post process them.


When you book a project, I require 30% down, non refundable under most circumstances if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice (multiday travel projects have different policies on this that vary due to related deposits and nonrefundability that I'm subject to). For small projects, the balance is due when I'm ready to deliver final images.


Typically, after shooting and very basic adjustment, I post preview (not finished) images to a secure folder (password protected) on this website. From those, you choose and prioritize the images to finish. Unless previously agreed ahead of time, I don't release unretouched/unadjusted images. It is not usually a problem if you want more of the images than the range upon which the original quote was based; I can quote for the added retouching time.


The time from order to the delivery of final images depends upon the quantity and the degree of retouching required and agreed upon. I will give you my best estimate up front and a revised timeline after the shoot. I can usually provide the images you select as I finish them, so you don't have to wait for all of them to get the first ones.


Please do not ask me to give you images "as they are." This is considered unprofessional, and also reflects poorly on the subjects in the image. The exception -- agreed ahead of time -- is individuals and institutions who process or arrange for processing themselves. These cases include written agreements that the images will not be made public in unprocessed form.


Unless agreed otherwise, you have full right to do anything you want with the finished images I deliver. There are no further charges for subsequent uses, and you can print, post or redistribute them to your heart's content. We can formally transfer copyright to you, or I can retain copyright and give you an unlimited license to use them (the latter may allow some cost reduction if I can also use the images). Note: The industry norm is for, "all rights" to increase the price; I don't do that. When you tell me your planned use, I accept that on good faith that is what you plan and my rate does not include a significant "all rights" expense. I do this because it makes my offer more competitive and most imagery is "perishable."



As stated, I am not a wedding photographer, but I will do bridal/groom portraits and avante garde post wedding portraits at normal rates. If you really really really want me for a wedding, my rate is $1 million (I am not worth it <g>).



Let's get started: Email me at, tell me what you've got in mind and we'll go from there. I look forward to hearing from you.